how to attract new patients

If you’re looking to Attract New Patients and you are offering Regenerative Therapies or Stem Cell Therapy this campaign is for you!

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How would you like to arrive at your office on Monday morning and have a boatload of patient referrals for your staff to call and schedule appointments?

That’s what this Doctor is seeing on Monday mornings with our Stem Cell Therapy Campaign.

If you are a doctor offering Regenerative Therapies and Stem Cell Therapy and you need more patient referrals, then this Campaign is for you!

There are no giveaways, lead magnets or ebooks. Essentially, it’s a no fluff campaign because when people are in pain, they want a fix to get out of pain.

This campaign is currently running live on the Facebook platform and producing an average of 5 referrals a day.

The offer is a Pain Evaluation.

The Primary Conversion Type is a Form Submits. Although, you will get some people calling to schedule an appointment upon completing the form depending upon the time of day.

The average cost per lead is between $15 – $30.

Although as you can see we have tweaked this campaign in both English and Spanish and are now averaging less than $3 per lead. That’s a HUGE ROI for you even if only 1 of these referrals converts to a patient.

The average client conversion rate is between 10%-30%.

As always, our referrals are exclusive, meaning no one else get them except for our Client in their target area.

Contact us today at (843) 300.1475 if we can help you attract more patients with our Stem Cell Therapy Campaign.

Attract New Patients With This Stem Cell Therapy Campaign