Check Available Domain Names

Truth be known a 5 year old could probably check available domain names. It’s just that easy.

However, obtaining the right domain name for your specific niche is key to getting ranked higher in the search engines. Thus, getting seen by prospective customers.

For example, if you own a dog grooming business then having ‘dog grooming’ in your domain name is a keyword rich domain name. And, it gets extra points – if you will – in the search engines.

How To Secure A Domain Name

Dog grooming is a highly searched for term on the Internet. The probability of getting the domain name is slim to none. In fact, I already checked and it’s taken.

But when I dig deeper and conduct some keyword research I see that there are 823,000 global monthly searches and 450,000 local monthly searches on Google for dog grooming.

If you could capture 1/4 of the traffic searching for dog grooming I would venture to say that could generate some good business.

With this niche you might consider the following domains:


By the way, both are available. Keep in mine, I did my research to find these keyword rich domain names.

My point is it takes time and research to find a good domain for your business. You can do this yourself.

The best place to buy a domain name cheap is Namecheap.

We’ve bought many domains from Namecheap. Not only do they have some of the lowest pricing in the industry, they have a feature called WhoIsGuard which protects your privacy. This feature is offered Free for the first year.

Need to save time?

Hire us to secure a domain name for cheap. We’ll research your niche and present you up to 5 domains to purchase. In addition, we’ll register the domain and point it to your hosting provider.

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