Back on January 24, 2012 I wrote a blog post when YouTube released new milestones. It seems like yesterday. In fact, I’ve written several blog posts and spoken with many businesses about how important YouTube is as a marketing tool. Here’s one… On March 20, 2013, YouTube broke another record reaching a milestone of 1 billion monthly users. Wow!

What does this mean to us small businesses?
It means alot! Nearly 1 out of every 2 people on the Internet goes to YouTube. That’s a lot of eyeballs you could have on your business.

If you’re not using video in your marketing efforts, you’re leaving money on the table!
That’s right. I don’t say this lightly. I know for a fact videos drive traffic and sales to countless numbers of my clients. As a small business there is an enormous amount of room for you to get the miniscule amount of organic views you need to succeed. Video Marketing with targeted keywords has become the fastest and most economical vehicle to rank in the search engines.

Let me give you one of many examples.
I put up a video for one of my clients targeting the competitive keyword phrase “How Do Reverse Mortgages Work” on January 29, 2013. In less than 2 months this video is now on page 1 in position 3 of Google for the targeted keyword. My client is getting traffic from it.

Consider This…

  • You know your customers are online.
  • You know you need to captivate them with something so compelling they are driven to your business.
  • Best of all…video won’t break your budget.

With video a small business can easily:

  1. Communicate your message
  2. Let prospects know WHY they should be doing business with you
  3. Acquire more customers which translates to MORE Sales!

Video is a way for small businesses to have a big voice and reach across the world.

Off to make another video…let us know how we can help you build your business!

Get More Customers with Video Marketing

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