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In this Video, I’m going to share with you 5 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tips that will help boost your business no matter what industry you are in…

  1. Use a tool like Buffer, which has a free version, and set up a schedule to Post At The Right Time. Studies show that evenings work best for Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Afternoons are best for Twitter.
  2. Sign up for an Email Marketing Service like MailChimp or Drip. If you’re on a tight budget both of these email platforms have a free version to get you started. Drive Email Opt-Ins and build a list that you can market your product or service. Although Social Media is great, when it comes to selling, email still sells the best. Provide incentives like free how-to ebooks, discounts on your product or service or run a contest for your social traffic to opt-in.
  3. Test Test Test. Split test your email campaigns. Test the ‘Subject Title’, ‘Images’, ‘Description’ and even the ‘Time of Day’ to send. Use the results in your Social Media campaigns.
  4. Respect the Platform. Each social media platform has a different audience. Learn what each platform likes and cater to it.
  5. Consider supplementing your organic posting on social media with PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing. Massive organic reach is the ultimate goal. However, Paid Ads can help kick-start the viral action. It’s a concept we refer to as “Leads Now and Leads Later.”
5 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tips