how do personal injury attorneys get clients

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If you’re looking to increase business in your Personal Injury Practice, we have a terrific performing offer for you to consider…

We’ve created a mock-up of how this campaign would look for you.

The Offer is a Free Case Review. It’s not fancy and you’re not giving away a free ebook or anything like what we have seen other attorney’s doing.

Our campaign is very straight forward, simple and quite frankly it just works! We figured out how to word it and how to bring it all together to drive traffic and business to your practice.

The Primary Conversion Type is a Form Submits, although you will get calls from this campaign.

Running on Facebook, the Average Cost Per Lead is between $35 – $85 (baseline). Running on Google Adwords, the Average Cost Per Lead is between $50-$100 (baseline).

The important metric to note is that most Attorney’s are spending $100+ per Click. At SCB Marketing, we are getting referrals for the same cost or cheaper than most Attorney’s are paying for a click!

The Average Case Conversion Rate is between 8%-20%. Meaning out of the referrals that come in, 8%-20% will turn into a Signed Case that ranges anywhere from $350-$500 on an average cost per case.

Although we encourage the prospect to call you once they submit their information, we see excellent response rates when the Attorney reaches out quickly once the prospects information is submitted.

As always, our referrals are exclusive, meaning no one else gets them except for our Client in their target area.

Contact us today at (843) 300-1475 if your Personal Injury Practice needs to bring on more Clients!

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How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Get Clients

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