On May 30, 2012,  Google announced their roll out of Google + Local.

Here’s the link to the announcement and the features integrated with it:

Local—now with a dash of Zagat and a sprinkle of Google+

As A Small Business Why Should You Care?

In essence, Google Places, your small business local listing, will now be incorporated into the Google+ family. And, feature Zagat scoring and recommendations from people you trust.

If you have claimed your local listing…and you should, it’s FREE…there will be more opportunities for finding your business on the web, i.e. search, maps, social media, etc.

Webmasters and SEO experts are still trying to wrap their arms around the massive changes taking place with this search engine.

This is just the first step.

Stay tune for more announcements as Google attempts to keep their edge as the 800 lb. gorilla on Search and Maps.


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