blog-to-video-serviceIf you’re looking to revive your archived website blog posts and get more traffic to your business why not consider turning your articles or blog posts into Videos?

Take a look at the below videos. These were blog posts that were several years old on a customer’s website. We took the content, updated the keywords, based on what questions are being answered on Google and YouTube (the two largest search engines in the world) and converted them into videos. They have nice images, background music, a voice over and branding.

Video 1

Video 2

Here are some other ideas for turning content into video…

  • Promote Amazon or affiliate products with Video reviews
  • Convert written PLR (Private Label Rights) content into Videos
  • Create an eCourse and educate your customers on the product or service you offer via Video
  • Turn an old eCourse or email campaign into a Video training course
  • Have you written and eBook on “Tips and Hacks for YOUR product or service” for customers to receive via an opt-in box at your website? Turn it into multiple videos and promote on the social media platforms to expand your audience.
  • Have customers written reviews about your product or service? If so, turn those reviews into videos.

The possibilities are endless…

Give us a call or contact us to discuss your requirements today!

Turn Your Website Articles or Blog Posts into Videos

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