Are You Using Video Commercials In Your Local Marketing Plans?

I’ve been sharing a lot lately that Local Marketing as we know it is changing. And, right before our eyes…

In case you’ve been busy, the explosion is occurring all around you. Not only are we using our computers for communicating we now have Cell Phones, assorted Tablets, Google Maps, Review Websites, Social Media Sharing, Search Engines and Online Video.  All of which have taken over our lives.

Because of the change in the way people consume information…the method in which we market to them must change.

If you are a savvy business owner, and I know you are if you’re reading this post ‘-)…you’re looking for more creative ways to reach out to potential customers.

To be successful in the new landscape, you need to be creating VIDEO Commercials!


Online Video Advertising is the future of Local Business Marketing!

This is not a prediction from me. It’s the truth. Google has known this for awhile. Hence, the reason they purchased YouTube and incorporated Google Adwords…those ads you see at the bottom of the videos.  This year, they increased their focus on online video by closing down their TV ads division.

With over 800 million visitors monthly to YouTube it’s no wonder Google has shifted their focus to video.

If that isn’t enough, emarketer recently released these statistics…online video advertising spend doubled this past year and will increase by several billion in just a few short years.

Big brands like T-Mobile are finding success with online videos…Small businesses can too!

Case in point…Google recently introduced a case study called “The Light TV Viewer.” It details T-Mobile’s success when using a combination of TV and Online Video in their campaigns. To learn more, click here for the case study.

Interesting Facts To Note

  • 20% of the population don’t subscribe to cable and only watch TV occassionally…
  • the demographics studied are one of the most lucrative demographics in the marketplace
  • participants were under 49, earn over $100k per year, college educated and socially influenced consumers
  • participants are online everyday and don’t watch much TV.

If you’re not using video in your marketing efforts you’re missing out. Contact us to get started today!

Are You Using Video Commercials Online In Your Local Marketing Plans?

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