Often, I get ask the question:

Where Can I Get Quality SEO Content?

Producing original creative content for your website can be a tedious process.

It takes time and energy…something most small businesses don’t have enough.

Having fresh content dripping from your website can drive traffic and ultimately sales.

Most importantly, the search engines love it!

It’s fine and dandy to have a nicely designed website with all the bells and whistle. However, in order for a website to be noticed and to get visitors content is king.

First, it’s important to note that correctly enhanced search engine content includes competitive keywords and complimentary keyword phrases…what we call in the business LSI keywords.

The title of your article should contain your primary keyword and be sprinkled lightly throughout your article. Your LSI keywords should be included in your article as well

For example, if you own a landscaping company your primary keyword might be “best landscaping company” and your complimentary keyword phrases might be “landscaping company Charleston”, “landscaping services” and “landscape design”.

Second, using the right keyword density and utilization of html tags like header tags (H1), alt text, meta tags, a meta description, etc…all SEO geek speak…contribute to natural search engine optimization.

There are many content writers available on the Internet. However be forewarned. Not all website content writers are equal. If you’re doing business in the United States be sure the person(s) you hire to write content are English speaking and can write grammatically correct English.

So, where can I get quality SEO website content?

Best Search Engine Optimization Consultants now offer content writers for websites.  It’s affordable for small businesses and we have a quick turn around time.

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Where Can I Get Quality SEO Website Content

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