In my efforts to learn more about how Reputation Marketing is playing such a vital role in the search engine rankings these days and how vital it has become for businesses, I ran across this study and thought it was interesting and worthy of sharing with you.

Neilsen Global performed a 2011 study and posed the following question:

“To What Extent Do You Trust The Following Forms Of Advertising?”

Here are the results:

Why Reputation Marketing Is Vital To Your Business






The study is based on a percentage scale of ‘Trust Completely/Somewhat’ to ‘Don’t Trust Much/At All’. Here’s the take home from this study…

#1 – 92% trust recommendations from people I know. No surprise here.

#2 – 70% trust completely consumer opinions posted online.

What’s really interesting is how way down the scale #3 is: 58% trust editorial content such as a newspaper article.

Now, that percentage is shocking! You can have the best reporter do a story on your company and people will not trust that as much as they trust recommendations from people they know or consumer opinions posted online.

At the end of the day what this tells us is that there is no other advertising that a business can do that is as credible and more importantly what brings in the business than Reputation Marketing.  Essentially, all these other forms of marketing you are seeing in this study flow into whether you are a credible business or not.

If you think Reputation Marketing is not valuable then you’re ignoring all the signs here.

I’d like to hear from you whether you know what your reputation is online? And, are you engaging in some form of Reputation Marketing Service and how that’s going for you? Post your comments below.

Why Your Reputation Is Vital To Your Business

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