No doubt YouTube is a formidable contender as a marketing tool next to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Heck, they boast over 3 billion views per day.  And, 48 hours (2 days) of video is uploaded every minute!

This BEAST just can’t be ignored as a great social medium in reaching out to your target market…whatever it is…

That’s why I’ve made it one of my goals in 2012 to help small businesses market effectively on YouTube.


Just uploading a video on Youtube doesn’t guarantee traffic.

You need an audience!

And, who has the time running a small business to build a list of targeted users, send friend request, post comments, comment on channels, share videos…build a relationship just like we do on all the other social media tools.


YouTube Kickstart For Small Business!

We’ll use our automated account management system to automate many of the manual processes it takes to market on YouTube.

Now don’t worry the automation tool we use is perfectly legit and is allowed by YouTube terms of service.

What Our Service Will Do For You…

  1. Automatically build a list of targeted users based on demographics, keywords, etc.
  2. Post comments on videos
  3. Comment on channels
  4. Subscribe to channels
  5. Share your videos with a message to multiple users at once
  6. And, much more…

So, marketing through YouTube just got easier…

What Does YouTube Kickstart For Small Business Cost?

As with all our services we make them extremely affordable for small business. And, this service is no exception.

A monthly subscription that will get you more views on YouTube is:

YouTube As A Marketing ToolAfter checkout you’ll return to our Contact Us page.
Enter your YouTube Channel ID.
Or, if you don’t have one, let us know we’ll create one for you (free of charge)
Add any other instructions you’d like for us to know.
We’ll go to work getting you more views on YouTube!

YouTube As A Marketing Tool

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