Cheap Advertising For Small Business

Looking for Cheap Advertising For Small Business?

Well it’s not actually cheap looking but gives your small business budget a huge bang for the buck.

Next to getting your small business website set up in Google Places, the Best Advertising For Small Business online that can quickly get calls coming in is Using Video For Marketing.

Let me explain…

Area Businesses having a powerful on-line presence could possibly receive all of the clients they require from the web.

It is a fact.

When you’re found in the #1 position in the search engines you automatically are perceived as the “authority” in your niche.

Prospective clients with very little thinking will gravitate to you over your rivals.

Think About It…

Every day, people are searching the web for that service or product you’re offering. Whether it’s landscaping, gardening tools, plumbing services, pool supplies, boating supplies, etc. (can you tell I’m into Spring?); these people are ready to make a purchase today.

It’s like the old saying…you have to be in the right place at the right time!

There’s just one problem, actually several…that most small businesses face. I’ll just talk about this one.

When your prospective clients can’t find you on the web, they’re simply going to visit your rivals…the one that has an online presence.

Problem Solved With Video Marketing…

Consider these facts:

  • Online Retailers report when shoppers watch a video they are 85% more likely to BUY!
  •, an online jeweler, reported over 400% increased conversions when viewers watched a video
  •  And, email marketing combined with video increases click-through rates by over 96%

This is why I’m pushing Video Marketing for my small business clients!

The numbers don’t lie!

From my testing results, videos are ranking on the 1st page of Google anywhere between 30 minutes for low competition keywords to less than a month for very competitive keywords.

Other Significant Benefits Online Video’s Can Have For Your Business…

  1.  When you create a video and upload it to YouTube or other video platforms it creates a back link to your site.  Google looks at back links like a referral to your business. You want lots of them!! The more sites that send a link back to your site the higher you will show up on Google
  2. You can use videos to market your business on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms
  3. Today, people would rather watch a video than read. Gosh! I hope you get this far. ‘-)

Free Resources To Create Videos

There are several websites you can create videos for your small business. And, they are free. One is Animoto. The other is One True Media. With the free subscriptions, you have to let them advertise.  If that bothers you…it did me… then you might opt for the paid subscriptions.

Gather up images or video you shot of your business products and services and tell a story. Then, upload the video to YouTube. See what happens. Just be sure to use good keywords you know you can rank and people are searching for and you’ll be on the 1st page of Google in no time.

Don’t have the time to learn how to create videos or market your business online? I understand. We can help!

For a limited time, get a Free Custom Video, valued at $295, To Advertise Your Small Business When You Subscribe To Our Affordable Search Engine Ranking Services!

Cheap Advertising For Small Business

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