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In this issue we talk about…

5 Innovative Places to Add Video Marketing to Your Website…
Top 7 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips…
3 mistakes that will kill your Facebook page…

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5 Innovative Places to Add Video Marketing to Your Website…

According to Business 2 Community, you’ll have to up your video game if you’re planning to crush content marketing over the next few years.

We all see that Video is taking over many other forms of content because it can achieve a variety of marketing goals…from lead generation to nurturing a prospect, to building a brand.

In fact, the Cisco Visual Networking Index, which forecasts global Internet traffic growth and broadband trends for mobile and fixed networks, reported that by 2019, 80% of content consumed on the web will be in the form of video, up a whopping 64% since 2014.

I mentioned in issue 2 of the DMD, that video converts better than other content. And, studies by Google and others are finding that 70% of B2B buyers watch videos throughout their path to purchase.

So hopefully you’re convinced you need to get on the video train and begin producing videos.

Here are 5 powerful tips to add video to your website right away

  1. Backgrounder Videos on Your Home or Product Pages – Backgrounder Videos provide you with the perfect opportunity to tell a story about your brand, product or service.
  2. Explainer Videos on Your Home Page – With “Explainer Videos” you can share a short story about your company. Think of these kind of videos as Cliff Notes for your business.
  3. Social Proof Videos on Sales Pages – These type of videos provide social proof about your product and should include customer testimonials. There’s nothing more powerful than showing off how satisfied customer’s are doing business with you.
  4. Employee Team Videos on About Pages – You’ve heard the old adage ‘people are attracted to people’? So, give your prospects a personalized view inside your company.
  5. Promotional Videos on Various Screens – Promotional Videos serve to sell your product or service. These type of videos focus on persuading prospects as to why they should purchase from you. Survey results indicate the more entertaining, while being informational, the better chance you have of capturing your audience attention.

Source: Business 2 Community

Top 7 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips…

Developing an online presence to attract prospects to your business has evolved from a simple to a more complex form as the web has matured.

One aspect of this process that is crucial as more people go digital is the need to have a local SEO presence.

Here are 7 actionable tips to get you started

  1. Create Your Business Listing on Google My Business – Just one of the many free services Google offers, this platform will help people surfing the Internet access your business name, hours of operation, address, proximity to the user’s location and reviews.
  2. Create Your Business Listings Everywhere – In addition to Google displaying your business listing consider adding your business to the following platforms… Foursquare, Yelp, Local telephone directories and white pages, Trip Advisor, Bing and Yahoo, Angie’s List, Local business associations, Better Business Bureau, and the Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Develop a Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Business Website – The statistics are staggering as to how many users are accessing information on their mobile devices. Because devices have different screen sizes, you want to make sure potential prospects can easily navigate through your website regardless of whether they are on a PC, Pad or Smartphone.
  4. Utilize Testimonials, Reviews and Local News – Although most people have a difficult time tooting their own horn, promoting your products and services with testimonials, reviews and even on local news outlets not only enhances your reputation, it impacts your search engine rankings.
  5. Develop Relevant, Local and Engaging Content – I’ve spoke about this many times with clients but “Content is King” and it’s even more relevant today in SEO. Create interesting, relevant and local content that is engaging and can be shared online.
  6. Focus Your Business Ad Extensions to Your Local Target Market – If you’re running Google Adwords, you can access this feature on that platform. Essentially, local extensions allow your potential prospect to see your business location, a call button to contact you and a link to your About Page to obtain more information.
  7. Go Social – I hear many businesses say I have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page. But, I don’t have time to put information on them. When I do I can’t think of anything to say. Now, more than ever social media platforms are where your potential customers are hanging out. You can post “how to” tutorials, upcoming events you may be participating in or even occasionally promote your product or service.

Source:  Unofficial

3 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Facebook Page

  1. Using your personal Facebook page for business. A lot of people do this but you shouldn’t. The biggest reason is Facebook’s TOS state you shouldn’t use your personal account to represent anything other than yourself. If they decided to really enforce this, Facebook could shut down your account and you’d loose all your followers, photos, history and the work you put into this page. The benefits of having a Business page are for the data, advertising, page roles and unlimited followers.
  2. Allowing someone else to set up your page for you – In order to set up a Business page, you have to be logged into your personal page. If you let a friend, employee or neighbor set it up and they are logged into their account, then your business page is permanently tied to that person. If something happens to them and you loose touch with that person you could loose all your information from that page.
  3. Creating more than one business page – Your Facebook Business Page should represent your business for many years to come, exude professionalism and be utilized as a marketing tool. If you create more than 1 business page and someone searches for you in Facebook there may be many different variations leading to confusion. You want prospects to be able to find you quickly.

Source:  Inman

Ok, so that’s what’s been happening in the world of SEO, Social Media and Video Marketing…

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Digital Marketing Digest – Issue 3

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