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Delighted to publish Issue #4 of our Digital Marketing Digest (DMD)…

Every other week, DMD gives you a quick summary of the biggest and most important news that impacts your business in the fast moving world of SEO, Social Media and Video Marketing.

In this issue we talk about…

  1. Local Digital Marketing is more important than ever
  2. 3 Ways to Create Meaningful Relationships Using Social Media
  3. How Millennial Video Habits Will Change the Future of Buying.

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Local Digital Marketing is more important than ever…

According to The Next Web, more local businesses are taking digital seriously. Those “phones” we all carry in our hands, pockets or purse are really powerful computers that small local businesses can capitalize on through multiple advertising and marketing platforms.

What does this mean for your business? Small businesses that get on the digital marketing train can flourish. And, if they don’t then the ‘elephant in the room’ is most likely going to take them out.

Source:  The Next Web

3 Ways to Create Meaningful Relationships Using Social Media…

Getting ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ are not all you need to obtain the ROI your company longs for…

Here are 3 essentials in order to make your social engagement more meaningful and ultimately more rewarding.

  1. Make a long-term commitment  Don’t assume your fans are going to purchase from you right out of the gate. Sure, a few people might. However, the vast majority won’t. Instead, think of social media engagement as a journey where each posts gives you a chance to build a relationship with your fans and keeps your brand on their radar.
  2. Keep it short and sweet – There’s a whole lot of noise on every social platform. Suffice it to say, the more brands are yelling out their message, the less people are going to listen. Try using each posts as a teaser where you entice your fans to visit your site to learn more or subscribe to get more incredible content.
  3. Personalize it – When planning your posts, think about incorporating a unique sharing component that personalizes your brand instead of using the “share this page” button that most everyone else employs. By standing out with personalization you can expect a much higher engagement, along with returning visitors.

Source:  Adweek

How Millennial Video Habits Will Change the Future of Buying…

FACT: Millennials represent $2.45 trillion in spending power.

According to HubSpot, Millennials spend 48% more time watching video than the average web user.

66% follow a company or brand on YouTube. And 60% watch company videos over reading a newsletter.

This generation is one that can not be overlooked when it comes to advertising and marketing your business.

What does this mean for your business?

  1. The Millennial Buyer’s Journey occurs significantly Online  In fact, eMarketer predicts digital video advertising will grow at an annual double-digit pace that exceeds TV advertising growth up to 2020.
  2. Video Content is Challenging Sales Reps – The massive changes in buyer behavior are presenting major challenges to salespeople. Millennials are more apt to seek guidance or education from content like case studies, reviews and videos than engage with a salesperson.
  3. Brands Should Use Multiple Screens to Reach Buyers – 48% of Millennials view video exclusively on their mobile device. However, 67% of actual buying online occurs on a desktop. The take-away from this is to make sure your content is optimized for multiple devices.
  4. Omnichannel Video Marketing is a Must – Having a website and blog are no longer enough to attract a buyer’s attention. 62% of Millennials expect a brand to engage with them on social media networks. When video is used as part of that engagement, it generates a whopping 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

Source:  Business2Community

Ok, so that’s what’s been happening in the world of SEO, Social Media and Video Marketing…

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Digital Marketing Digest – Issue 4

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