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In Issue 5 of Digital Marketing Digest we share…

  • How To Double Your Social Media Results In Three Months
  • Understanding Content Marketing
  • Does Social Media Help SEO?

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How To Double Your Social Media Results In Three Months

Social Media works if you use it. If you follow this social media plan for 90-days you’ll see a tremendous improvement in your business.

  • Step 1: Post something every day. The only way to get traction on social media is to be active.
  • Step 2: Teach the machine that you matter. Every social media platform uses algorithms to decide who sees or doesn’t see your posts. If you post content that others like, share and comment on you can double your “organic reach”.
  • Step 3:  Be crystal clear about what you do. Develop a 1-9 word description explaining what you do. Once you do that, include it in all your business related social media profiles eliminating the need to make every post a self-promotion. Mine is, “SCB Marketing…More Business, More Customers, More Money.”
  • Step 4:  Help others. Everything you post should help others. Share facts or stories, education and information as well as offer words of support and inspiration.
  • Step 5:  Provoke positive reactions. Set a goal to actually get people to do something that will help them. For example, if you actually implement this 90 day plan rather than saying that would be a good idea and moving on, then I have failed. On the other hand, if you actually put this on your task list and this coming Monday start posting every day for the next 3 months, then both you and I will have achieved the result.
  • Step 6:  Listen and Respond. You might be asking yourself how you could possibly come up with 90 comments, shares, updates, images and/or articles to share. Listen to how others are responding to what you share. Other people will give you the best ideas. Let this be your guide to what you share. You’ll be surprised how fast the time goes and what you’ll learn from this exercise.

Source: Forbes

Understanding Content Marketing

Many firms in the PR Industry are discovering that traditional marketing’s ROI is diminishing. It’s time for a new approach. That is, Content Marketing. What does this mean for your business?

Whether you are a PR firm or a Roofing company, a sound content marketing strategy can deliver something much more meaningful. Less focus on product and more on what your target audience is interested in.

Ask yourself these questions to help you develop a successful content marketing strategy…

  • Question 1: Why are you creating content? It could be to grow an email list, boost brand awareness or convert prospects to customers.
  • Question 2: Who are you creating the content for? Profile, as accurately as you can, your ideal audience and develop content around them.
  • Question 3: Where does your audience hang out? Make sure you post and promote your content where it can easily be shared. What may be good content for Instagram might not work on Twitter.
  • Question 4:  Who else do they interact with? If there is a blog, forum or publication that you know resonates with your audience, write a guest blog or article with a link back to your business.
  • Question 5:  What is your story? You have to be a great storyteller when it comes to creating quality content. Content needs to pique interest and inspire your audience to want to know more and ultimately bring them in to take more action.

Source: O’Dwyer’s

Does Social Media Help SEO?

No one really knows how Google’s algorithm works. The ever elusive question that every marketer wants to know is the impact of social media on SEO.

Although Google reps. have signaled social media has no impact, data suggest there is a correlation between social signals and ranking position of websites.

So, if social media isn’t a direct Google ranking factor, how does it help SEO?

  • Potential for Links. The more shares you have, the more opportunities for people to see your content and link to it.
  • Build an Audience. Even if you have the best product or service you still have to be proactive and reach out to the people.  And, where are the majority of people these days? You guessed it, social media. Facebook alone has 2 billion users.
  • Branded Searches. When someone Googles your brand name in addition to a keyword phrase, this tactic can help you rank for similar keywords.
  • Helps Promotion. Create videos to promote your content or brand and upload them to YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine). This can lead to links and organic rankings of your videos in the search engine results.

While Google may never fess up to whether social media is part of the ranking algorithm, it’s clear that social media can help your SEO efforts and offers many long-term benefits.

Source: Search Engine Journal

Ok, so that’s what’s been happening in the world of SEO, Social Media and Video Marketing…

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