If you’re looking to get some easy SEO help, then ask people to “like” or “share” your website on Facebook.

Recent data being shared by the SEO gurus cite Facebook shares as the single highest connected metric to receiving higher Google rankings.  Case in point, one of the most comprehensive studies conducted by SearchMetrics concludes Facebook shares and the total of activities, i.e. shares, likes and comments…are the strongest social media-based SEO factors.

Amazing stuff…

For over a year, Google (I call them the 800 lb. gorilla) has been telling us Google+ links and Plus 1’s are critical to our SEO efforts. Suffice it to say, their own search engine algorithm is slanted toward Facebook as the highest social media authority. Who knows they may change any day.

Here’s a few take aways from this data…

  1. Even though Google+ is important to promote, even the folks at Google realize Facebook is an important social platform for businesses.
  2. As small businesses we can not ignore Facebook. I know I have been guilty of focusing on Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn more in the past. However, Facebook must be a part of our marketing arsenal.
  3. When you are marketing on Facebook the key to being successful is just like any of the other social platforms…share quality content that is educational, informative and/or entertaining. Be patient and consistent.
  4. Remember to socialize and network with those folks that share your passion or interests.

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