Is Your Internet Reputation Keeping You From Getting More Customers?

Libro. The future of reputation by Fernando
Libro. The future of reputation by Fernando

Just like business in the offline world, online reviews are the biggest asset to a company.

They can also be the biggest cause of lost revenue…

If you have happy customers, their opinions matter to other potential customers. Not having any reviews is the same as having a bad reputation. In another post I talked about the 4 different types of reputation.

This is why you need to market your reputation…to capitalize on the positive feedback and draw new customers into your business.

Take a look at the below article “How Online Reviews Can Make (or Break) Your Business” published by Inc. late last year.

While good online reviews can bring you more business when promoted properly, just ONE bad review can send customers running from your business. An online review with a negative spin could be anywhere out in cyberspace and you wouldn’t even know it, but the savvy online consumer WILL find it and you can be certain it will weigh on their mind when deciding whether or not to use your products or service.

So, how can you protect your company from these negative reviews that are bound to happen?

The Inc. article outlines in more detail…here are the highlights:

  • Make sure you have a website
  • Ask customers to review you online and suggest specific sites
  • Don’t purchase fake reviews. Ever…
  • Watch the reviews and respond appropriately.

Suffice to say whether we are doing business online or offline we want to know how our business is doing. So, ask for feedback.

What I have found works much better than me asking for feedback is to have someone else ask for my company. It’s amazing what you can find out about what you’re doing right and sometime wrong your clients might not want to share with you.

As always, if you or your business need help, our doors are open for you to get more customers!

How Online Reviews Make (or Break) Your Business |
How Online Reviews Make (or Break) Your Business. Reviews matter more–much more–than you might think. Here’s how to use the feedback to your advantage.


Is Your Internet Reputation Keeping You From Getting More Customers?

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