how to find clients as a financial planner

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In this video, we are going to share with you how to find clients as a Financial Planner.

We know the hardest part of being a Financial Planner is just getting people through the door or on the phone. This campaign is a lifesaver for the Financial Planner because it gets people interested in being contacted by you for one of your highest commission products.

The Offer is an Annuity Pre-Qualification Quiz.

The Primary Conversion Type is a Form Submits. This long form quiz captures 13 data points about the prospect including whether the prospect is currently investing, how far away they are from retirement, their desired monthly income in retirement, and how much they would invest in an annuity for retirement as well as much more.

The Average Cost Per Lead on Facebook is around $28 (Baseline).

The Average Application Conversion Rate is between 10%-30%.

Although the Facebook Ad can be run through our Client’s Business Facebook Page, we understand this industry is heavily regulated. For this reason, we simply set up a Themed Business Page to send you the referrals.

Because Financial Planners typically have a variety of products in their portfolio, there are so many cross-sell opportunities with this campaign.

The opportunity to close these leads is very high in that you’re not having to do any cold calling. These are all warm leads expecting you to call them and requesting more information. This is miles above where you typically have to start in the sales cycle.

Also, if the Annuity offer is not right for your client, then most likely you have a product(s) in your portfolio that you can offer.

Our goal is to help our financial planner clients sell as many insurance and investment products of their companies by sending qualified referrals. As always, our referrals are exclusive, meaning no one else gets them except for our Client in their target area.

If you’re a financial planner who is struggling to get more annuity clients per month, Contact us today at (843) 300-1475. Or, schedule a time on our calendar that works with your schedule:

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How To Find Clients As A Financial Planner

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