how to get leads as a loan officer

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In this video, we are going to share with you How To Get Leads As a Loan Officer.

Whether you specialize in FHA or Conventional loans, Refi’s or even VA loans, we have several performing offers that generate high quality referrals for you to consider…

We’ve created mock-ups of how these campaigns would look for you.

The Mortgage FHA/Conventional Sales Funnel

At SCB Marketing, we’re really good at generating inexpensive long form leads on Facebook. We do this through our unique placements, location, age and gender targeting and really drill down into our detailed targeting setup.

The Facebook Ads are generally run through our Client’s Business Facebook Page. However, if there is some regulation that prevents us from doing this, we can simply set up a Themed Business Page to send you the referrals.

We’re also really good at generating high quality, low cost leads on Google Adwords, both for FHA and other home loan programs.  Our targeting is quite detailed with our bid strategy, ad scheduling, ad rotation, keywords and ad extensions.

The Offer is a Home Loan Pre-Qualification.

The Primary Conversion Type is a Form Submits. This long form quiz captures 19 data points about the prospect including credit score, estimated down payment, gross annual household income, whether they are working with a real estate agent and much more.

The Average Cost Per Lead on Facebook is between $5-15 (Baseline).

The Average Cost Per Lead on Adwords is between $20-$30 (Baseline). One important metric to note with other marketing agencies is they are struggling to get leads this low on Facebook, let alone Adwords.

The Average Application Conversion Rate is between 8%-15%.

The Mortgage Refi Sales Funnel

We know that some LOs specialize in Refi’s, especially when rates are low. For this reason, we have created the Refi sales funnel to piggy-back off the Mortgage Funnel. However, make no mistake this funnel also performs well on its own.

We also advertise this sales funnel on both PPC & Facebook.

The Offer is a Refinancing Quiz.

The Primary Conversion Type is a Form Submits. This is a long form quiz that captures 25 data points including credit score current mortgage interest rate, existing type of interest rate, gross annual household income and whether it is an FHA loan as well as much more information.

The Average Facebook Cost Per Lead is $15-$25 (Baseline).

The Average Google PPC Cost Per Lead is $30-$80 (Baseline).

The average Application Conversion Rate is between 10%-15%.

The VA Sales Funnel

VA Loans are another popular program that we have been able to help our LO Clients gain traction and increase their client base.

This campaign is run exclusively on Facebook creating custom conversions and custom audiences and multiple ads to drive traffic and to help Facebook find even more people that look like those who are interested in a VA loan.

The sales funnel we are using here is quite unique in that we have created a Blog Post Sales Funnel to debunk those myths many veterans have about acquiring a VA loan.

Once the prospect clicks on any one of the several banners and links they are then taken to a pre-approval quiz.

The Primary Conversion Type is a Form Submits. Again, this is a long form quiz with 20 data points to qualify the prospect. These data points include whether the veteran desires to purchase or refinance a home, when they are planning to use the VA loan benefit, what arm of the military branch do they serve, and their credit score, just to name a few.

As you can imagine we are targeting military veterans who have expressed an interest in being a first time home buyer, homeowners, renters and veterans who might live in an apartment but desire a home. We also target the military bases in a particular state.

Along with something other ninja tactics the strategy we are employing with this campaign continues to decrease the cost per lead and generates super qualified prospects for the LO focusing on VA loans.

The Average Facebook Cost Per Lead is between $5-15 (Baseline).

The Average Application Conversion Rate is between 8%-15%.

Our goal is to get our loan officer clients as many signed applications as we possibly can.

As always, our referrals are exclusive, meaning no one else gets them except for our Client in their target area.

If you’re a LO who’s looking to close more business per month, Contact us today at (843) 300-1475. Or, grab a spot on our calendar that works for you.

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How To Get Leads As a Loan Officer

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