how to get new hvac customers

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In this video I’m going to share with you how to get new HVAC customers.

This is a great sales funnel in that it converts really well. People typically call in for this type of service. They don’t really shop around. And, we have the flexibility to reverse and run either A/C Repair or Heating Ventilation Repair Ads or both.

We’ve created a mock-up of how this campaign would look for you.

Keep in mind with this type of service, potential customers are searching and they need help right away. For this reason, we are running the Ads on the Google Adwords Platform.

The Average Cost Per Click is $13 (Stats could be slightly higher in high population areas).

The Primary Conversion Type is a Phone Call. Although it is very rare that a prospect fills out the contact form on our landing page, we do offer this option.

Once the prospect completes the form and clicks the “Have A Tech Contact Me Immediately” button, our automation sends an email to the HVAC company to call for service.

The Average Cost Per Lead is $35. If the HVAC company offers 24 hour emergency service then the average cost per lead decreases in that the CPC becomes less expensive on a 24 hour rotation basis versus regular business hours.

The Average Client Project Conversion Rate is between 50%-70%. This is based on actual leads that convert into clients.

As always, our referrals are exclusive, meaning no one else gets them except for our Client in their target area.

Contact us today at (843) 300.1475 or Schedule a time to talk with us if we can help you market your HVAC business to bring on more Clients!

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How To Get New HVAC Customers