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In this Video Series I’d like to share with you “How You Can Reach Your Target Audience & Multiply It 100 Fold”…

Throughout this video series I’m going to be covering 3 things…

  • Video 1 will provide you with a quick update on where things are at with online marketing, and what’s actually working today
  • Videos 2-4 will outline The 3 Traffic Multipliers of Content Marketing
  • And finally Video 5 will bring it all together and I will show you how you can use 3 simple techniques to increase the impact you’re having on your audience by over 100 times.

OK so let’s jump right into it…

Here’s the quick update on what’s happening in the world of online marketing…

As you know, for a long time, the traditional way to get traffic to your website was to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Put simply, this involved optimizing the on-page factors of your content such as your page titles, descriptions and tags, and also optimizing a number of off-page factors such as the incoming links to your website, and ensuring that those links contained the keywords you were targeting.

For a long time, search engine optimization was an effective way to obtain rankings in the search engines and generate traffic.

However, these days things have changed…

The search engines have become a LOT more sophisticated…

Today, the search engines are using things like click through rate, time on page, scroll rate & depth, bounce rate, social shares, author authority and other factors to determine rankings.

The bottom line is that traditional SEO techniques are simply not as effective as they once were.

You may have noticed that many of the big players in the SEO space, have actually been repositioning themselves and their services.

SEO MOZ is now simply called MOZ.

Majestic SEO is now called Majestic.

And the SEO Braintrust has rebranded as the Marketer’s Braintrust.

So if search engine optimization is no longer as effective as it once was, what is working today?

What we’ve seen is that there has been a major shift away from traditional SEO and towards… Content Marketing.

Content Marketing in a nutshell, is creating valuable, engaging content for your audience on an on going basis. By doing this you build trust and credibility with your audience so that when you do have something to sell, they are much more open to the idea of purchasing from you.

So just to summarize this first point, there is currently a major shift taking place in the world of online marketing, away from traditional search engine optimization, towards high quality content marketing.

Now the next thing I’d like to share with you is what I call the 3 Traffic Multipliers of Content Marketing, which will help you to take full advantage of this major marketing shift.

Video 2 in this series will outline the First Traffic Multiplier of Content Marketing. Watch Video 2 and learn how you can begin to crush your competition!

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[Video Series – #1] – How Can You Reach Your Target Audience & Multiply It 100 Fold