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In this Video, which is Video 2, of our Video Series “How You Can Reach Your Target Audience & Multiply It 100 Fold”, I want to share with you…

The First Traffic Multiplier Of Content Marketing is…Medium

If you haven’t watched Video 1, where we share a quick update on where things are at with online marketing, and what’s actually working today, click this link and watch that one first so you’ll understand how powerful this strategy is going forward.

As you know, different people learn in different ways, and each of us has a preference for how we like to consume information.

Some people like to read, and quickly skim through written content. Others like to listen to content such as podcasts or audiobooks while they are driving or exercising.

Also, some people love pictures and infographics that summarize information in a visual way, and others love the full immersion provided by watching video.

So the first Traffic Multiplier of Content Marketing is to make sure that you deliver your content in different forms or “mediums” to make sure that you connect with as many people as possible.

What this means is that instead of simply publishing a blog post, what you should be looking to do is create a written blog post, an audio podcast, a compelling image you can share on social media and a high quality video.

By tapping into these different mediums, you’ll increase your audience reach and grow your platform much more quickly.

Now while all of these different mediums are useful, the most important is without a doubt video…

In a recent Forbes Magazine article entitled “How Video Marketing Is Changing Online” they noted that video consumption increased by 43% last year alone.

There has also been a huge shift in marketing budgets towards online video. The Forbes article states:

“With video dominating content marketing, 64% of budgets are moving towards video content. Brands are willing to spend more and more on video, especially if they are targeting millennials.”

And when it comes to search engine traffic Mist Media reports:

“Having video on your landing page can make it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google results.”

So just to recap, the first Traffic Multiplier of content marketing is to make sure you produce your content in different mediums to take advantage of people’s personal preferences for consuming content. And of all the different mediums the most important is without a doubt video.

Video 3 in this series will outline the Second Traffic Multiplier of Content Marketing. Watch Video 3 and learn how you can go where the people are and which platforms are the best to target!

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