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In this Video, which is Video 3 of our Video Series “How You Can Reach Your Target Audience & Multiply It 100 Fold”, I want to share with you…

The Second Traffic Multiplier Of Content Marketing is…Platform.

If you haven’t watched Video 1 or Video 2, where we share a quick update on where things are at with online marketing, and what’s actually working today…

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A lot of people are stuck in the mindset of putting their content up on their own website or blog, and then trying to attract people to come to their site. This might have worked five years ago, but these days you need to adopt a different mindset.

And the mindset you need to adopt is to: GO WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE

It used to be that everyone started their search for information online by going to a search engine like Google, but these days, more and more people are bypassing the search engines and going straight to sites like YouTube, or Pinterest to find the information they are looking for.

What this means is that you need to deploy your content to as many different platforms as possible, and instead of just posting links back to your website, you need to be a “native citizen” of each platform.

This means you should optimize your content for each platform. For example, instead of posting a link in Facebook to your YouTube video, you should take the time to upload your video directly to Facebook so that you maximize the impact of your content on that particular platform.

So which platforms should you target?

Well, the Big 3 are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, but it is also very important to distribute your content to new and emerging platforms.

Here’s why…

When a platform is new, there is a lot more opportunity available because there is usually a vacuum of content. You therefore have a better chance to establish yourself on a new platform because initially you won’t be competing with millions of people.

The other important factor is that these new platforms often grow exponentially, so if you can get established early, you can often ride the rising tide and grow your audience exponentially as the platform itself expands and becomes more popular.

So in addition to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, you should also be looking at Pinterest, Instagram, Slideshare, LinkedIn, Google Plus, iTunes Audio Podcast, iTunes Video Podcast, Soundcloud and any new and emerging platforms you hear about.

Video 4 in this series will outline the Third Traffic Multiplier of Content Marketing. Watch Video 4 and learn how you can connect with your audience and build trust and rapport!

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[Video Series – #3] How Can You Reach Your Target Audience & Multiply It 100 Fold

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