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In this Video, which is Video 4 of our Video Series “How You Can Reach Your Target Audience & Multiply It 100 Fold”, I want to share with you…

The Third Traffic Multiplier of Content Marketing which is…Consistency.

If you haven’t watched Video 1, Video 2 or Video 3, where we share a quick update on where things are at with online marketing, and what’s actually working today…

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These days, our lives are dominated by our personal information feeds or streams. When you log into Facebook, you see your news feed with a stream of new stories from your family, friends and pages you like.

When you log into Twitter, you see your twitter feed with a stream of tweets made by the people you follow.

And the thing about these feeds is that they are constantly flowing, changing and updating.

As a content creator, if you are trying to connect with your audience and build trust and rapport, the only way to do this is to be IN THE FEED.

If you do not regularly appear in people’s personal information feeds then you simply won’t be heard. Your message won’t get through and you won’t be able to connect with your audience.

And the ONLY way to appear in people’s feeds is to publish content frequently.

It used to be that you could post a single blog post to your website once a month, and gradually build your audience.

But these days, the world is moving at a much faster pace. To connect with people, you need to consistently appear in their feeds to increase the probability that they will see your content when they log in and check their personal information streams.

OK, let’s quickly recap…

The First Traffic Multiplier of Content Marketing was to make your content available in as many different mediums as possible, including text, audio, image and most importantly video based content.

The Second Traffic Multiplier of Content Marketing was to distribute your content to as many platforms as possible and to optimize your content for each platform.

And the Third Traffic Multiplier of Content Marketing is to increase your consistency of content creation to make sure that you connect with your audience when they are checking their personal information feeds.


Effective Content Marketing = Medium + Platform + Consistency.

In Video 5, the last video in this series, I will show you how to use these 3 Traffic Multipliers to increase the impact you’re having on your audience by over 100 times.

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