Mobile MarketingMobile Marketing Stats: 50% of all searches now take place on a mobile device.

Let’s suppose 50% of the people who came into contact with you wanted to do business with you. Would you do everything in your power to make it easy to meet those kinds of people?

Guess what? You will find people like this. They are your mobile website visitors. And, based on Google data within one hour 50% of these will visit, call or purchase from you!

Stats That Should Get Your Attention

Google, the largest search engine by far, has stated that 50% of all searches now take place on a mobile device.  That means your customers and potential customers are searching for products and services just like yours on their smartphones.

Google has also stated that over 50% of all mobile web visitors are there to take an action whether it is to purchase your product or service or call you to get directions to visit your place of business.

Ask yourself…

  • When my customers or potential customers are roaming around and they do a mobile search on their iphone or android device can they find my business?
  • Is my website mobile friendly?
  • Will my customers or potential customers be able to easily contact me, either by phone or email?
  • Can my customers or potential customers find my business location easily?

Having a great mobile experience for your customers or potential customers is crucial in today’s environment.

If you’re website is not mobilized it should be so you can capture more customers.


Mobile Marketing Stats

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