Email MarketingHere are some simple tips to build an Email Marketing Lists.

First, if you don’t subscribe to an email marketing program then I recommend MailChimp. It’s an easy email marketing platform where you can create, send and track email campaigns. There are a variety of features including the ability to create sign-up forms, broadcast newsletters and promotions plus more.  I use MailChimp to send you my monthly newsletters and broadcast my blog posts.

If you already have an email marketing program…great! I hope you’re using it.

As a business owner, it’s your job to make sure you’re staying in touch with your current customers and adding fresh contacts to your email marketing campaigns. If you’re not working on growing your email lists here’s some creative and simple ideas to build those lists.

  • Create a lead generation offer. For example, you could create an ebook, whitepaper or video and require visitors to provide their email address in order to download it
  • Host an online webinar and ask for an email during registration. Use Google Hangouts to connect with existing customers and invite new ones
  • Add a QR code to your print marketing collateral where people can scan the code to opt-in to your email list
  • Add an email sign-up as a custom tab on your Facebook page. Feature that tab in your views and apps section of your page
  • Collect email addresses at offline events such as trade shows. Then, import them into your list
  • Encourage your current email subscribers to share and forward your emails by including social sharing buttons.

Finally, share incredible and relevant content to retain your customers and encourage them to forward to their friends, family and other colleagues to generate more business.

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Simple Tips To Build An Email Marketing Lists

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