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In this video we are going to talk about Where To Find Good Content Writers.

Finding and hiring good content writers can be an arduous task.

There are thousands of freelance writers online that claim to be able to produce excellent content. The key is finding the really good ones.

I’m going to save you a lot of time and money by pointing you in the direction of some really fine content writers. One such company that offers impeccable content writing is Clarke International Writing Services.

Owned by Stephanie Clarke, the staff includes published authors, editing experts and industry leaders.

Their wide-ranging client list includes an ever-growing number of bestselling authors, celebrities, professional athletes, physicians and researchers, politicians, news and television personalities, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, musicians, chefs and a multitude of first-time authors.

Their Services include…

  • Ghost Writing which might encompass…
    Business/Management Books. Self-Help Books. Memoirs/Autobiographical Books. Children’s Books. Cook Books. Fiction or Non-fiction Books. Articles/Blogs. Press Releases and more!
  • Editing which might entail…
    Copy Editing (Line Editing). Proofreading. Substantive Editing (Re-writing). Developmental Editing. Formatting. Or Comprehensive Review and Consultation.
  • Publishing which could include…
    Query Letters. Book Proposals. Summaries. Author Biographies. Agent Acquisition. Self-Publication. Publication Consultation. Or, Book Cover Design.
  • And, Marketing where they…
    Develop and promote your Website. Write Press Releases. Set up and manage your Social Media. Write Blog Posts and promotional articles.

When you engage with the staff at CI Writing Services you’ll quickly come to realize the definition of a good content writer.

This accomplished team of writers pride themselves on providing exceptional quality in the services they offer and strive to create long standing relationships.

For a FREE consultation and samples of their work, contact Stephanie at Stephanie @CIWritingServ.com. To learn more visit CIWritingServ.com.  Or, call (800) 749-7347.

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[Video] Where To Find Content Writers

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